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Weekly Question 3/13/17- Civil Rights Injustice
The Judicial Branch can have an enormous impact on the everyday lives of American citizens- for better or worse. In the 1960’s, a court in South Carolina negatively affected the lives of nine citizens who were arrested while protesting unfair and unc (More)
Weekly Question 3/6/17- Privacy Laws and Law Enforcement
In 2015, two individuals in California were responsible for killing 14 during an attack at an office building. The shooters claimed to have been inspired by ISIS, though they were not officially acting under orders of  or in connection with the terro (More)
Weekly Question 2/27/17- African American Leaders in Science & Technology
This week, we will explore the role that African Americans have had in the field of science and technology.   Read about prominent scientists and inventors: https://webfiles. (More)
Weekly Question 2/20/17- African American Athletes
As we continue to honor Black History Month, and recognize the many and varied achievements of African Americans, we focus on the field of athletics this week. There have been countless contributions to the sports world by African Americans. Even whe (More)
Weekly Question 2/13/17- African American Political Leaders
This week, our focus for Black History Month will be contributions and challenges in the field of politics.   Read about some significant politicians: Thurgood Marshall:More)
Weekly Question 2/6/17- Black History Month
February is designated as Black History Month. Use the links below to find out more! Read about the history of Black History Month: http://www.history.com/topics/black-histo (More)
Weekly Question 1/30/17- All Sides of the Issues
We’ve spent time this year discussing bias and how to think critically about sources (check back on our notes for a refresher!). There’s a lot of information out there though, and it can be hard to figure out the different sides of an issue. The w (More)
Weekly Question 1/23/17- What Does Your Room Say About You?
Think about your bedroom for a minute- What’s in it? What does it look like? Do you have your own room or do you share one? The spaces we live in can say a lot about our personalities, interests, and everyday lives.   Check out the bedroom (More)
Weekly Question 1/2/17- Role Models of 2016
Each of us may remember the year 2016 in many different ways. There were triumphs and defeats, joy and disappointment, setbacks and gains. No matter how you remember it though, the year had its fair share of people working to make the world a better (More)
Weekly Question 12/12/16- A Year in Pictures
“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Take a look through the following photo gallery to get an idea of some of the major (and minor) events that took place in the world in 2016: More)
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