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Video Creation/Photoshop Week 17 // Last Week
This last week I decided to finish my photoshop and plan for the future if I take this class again. This isn't much but it shows that I'm able to manipulate hues and inserting different images into a photo. More)
Video Creation/Photoshop Week 16 // Last Minute Ideas
Two weeks left of this semester.   I spent most of this week to decide what I'm wanting to do for the rest of the last few weeks and what I'll be wanting to do if I take a class like this in the next semester.   I want to be sta (More)
Video Creation Week 15 // Midterm Presentation Time
The time has come.. *dramatic music here* Midterms is right around the corner and this week I began preparing for my final presentation. More)
Video Creation Week 14 // Photoshop n' Restarts
This week I decided to sort-of restart my GMV idea into something else. Instead of an 8-bit remake of the image, I decided to just take the saturation out and enhance the contrast of it. I wanted an abstract, bright background along with my 'Selec (More)
Video Creation Week 13 // Starting Something New
Now that I've finished my GMV, I'm working on something new.. ...a short montage for you all? 😉 Yessir.  So as you can tell already, I am in love with the game, Destiny. I literally go home and play it everyday. Destiny is a fps, or first (More)
Video Creation Week 12 // Finished My Third GMV!
How does your project(s) relate to the real world? Video editing/creation is a giant part of the advertisement industry. All the advertisements shown on the television were created by people who pretty much do the same thing that I'm doing. Th (More)
Video Creation Week 10 // New Media Presentation
I have decided to work on creating gaming tributes (GMV) for the second quarter of this year.   What\'s a Gaming Tribute? A gaming tribute is a video in which editors insert clips from a game or even multiple games to either advertise or (More)
Video Creation Week 9 // New Media Presentation
Video Creation Week 8 // Witcher 3 Tribute is Complete! Starting on the Final Presentation for Quarter 1.
My second GMV is finally complete. I will begin to start to look for a song for my next one. I\'m also planning on learning how to add a facecam with a nice border and possibly begin Le (More)
Video Creation Week 7 // Witcher 3 Tribute is Almost Complete!
This week, I have almost completed my first gaming tribute. My goal is to finish by today or get close.   I\'ve begun adding the clips together to fit with the song and adding transitions in-between. One of the most difficult parts of this (More)
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