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Studio Art Entry 5
\"Sweet Treat\" 4 1/2\" x 6 1/2\" Clay, Glaze I cre (More)
Studio Art Entry 3
\"The Son of Man\" 5 1/2\" x 1 1/2\" Clay, Acrylic Pai (More)
Studio Art Entry 2
\"Hills\" 10\" x 12\" Tissue paper, Cardboard, Elmers Glue This was the sound waves I heard coming off the song of my choice. I chose the song (More)
Studio Art 4
Title: Spoon Dimensions: 6x2.5x1 Media: White clay and glaze Statement: The intention of this project was to create a spoon that represented diffe (More)
Studio Art Entry 1
\"The Pumpkin King\" 8\" x  1\" clay, glaze This was (More)
Studio Art 3
Title: Lilypad Dimensions:  6x6x3 Media:  Red clay and glaze Statement:  The first project done in the class, this piece was used to practice put (More)
Studio Art 2
Title:  In a Balloon Dimensions: 10x8x1 Media: An old book and Acrylic paint Statement:  The idea behind this piece was the prompt for the reflection (More)
Studio Art 1
Title:  Fixer-upper Dimensions: 5x6x8 Media:  White clay and Acrylic paint Statement:  Originally meant to be a birdhouse, when no floor was (More)
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8\" x 9\" x 1 1/2\" clay, paper, wire, paint This pro (More)
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