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World War II Debate // AP US History
Through this debate, I had learned a lot of outside information from just what we had learned in class. This gave me a better understanding of World War II and the mindset on each side, especially with the Japanese and the United States. We also went (More)
Quarter 2 Reflection // Technology Team
Through this quarter in technology team, I continued with the daily jobs that I had to do along with thinking of other technology-related ideas that I could have done. I really like gaming and I wanted to incorporate a goal into my learning. I'll get (More)
First Quarter Reflection // Technology Team
This quarter in technology team, I learned a lot about the new additions and changes that we made to the Innovation Center. I utilized these tools in many different ways. I ended up learning how the laser cutter worked, including all of the different (More)
PE Final Assessment // Physical Education
Reflection Questions 1) What is your next step in attaining health/Fitness through your remaining years at Fairview High School? How important are the Components of Fitness for you in attaining your health wellness in life? Explain in det (More)
Last Reflection // Honors English
What are your top 2-3 favorites that we read this year (can be poem, novel, play, short story, etc.)? One of my favorites that we read this year was The Odyssey. I enjoyed this epic because I like mythology a lot and it was a very unique story. (More)
Posteur Project // French 2
Christmas Card Hour of Code Project // Honors Geometry
Greeting   Note - Click on "Greeting" text to view the entire card if the scroll option isn't working. Made using: More)
Midterm Reflection // Chamber Orchestra
During the rehearsal I had faced the troubles of some of the third finger sharps because they came by so quick. I also found that I had to be able to look at the time signature because that changed a few times. I troubleshooted this because a (More)
Midterm Reflection // Honors 9 English
For the midterm, I created an essay that explained how William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies portrayed characters that were good and characters that were evil. I had used evidence from the book to support my ideas. I also created a well th (More)
Midterm Project // Physical Education
Q : What is the next step in applying these components of fitness and how will they help maintain a level of physical fitness in the future?  If you apply these components of fitness to everyday life then you can be very fit and be able to do (More)
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