Kinds of Artwork: Montage
Romare Bearden. Spring Way. 1964.   A collage is a picture made from cut paper. The paper sh (More)
Painting: Light, Color and Feelings
Artists use lines, colors and shapes to tell about scenes they see. They can also use lines, colors and shapes to tell how scenes make them feel. More)
Photography: Shapes of Pictures
Artists plan their drawings and paintings. They can plan a tall, vertical picture. This is a PORTRAIT FORMAT. More)
Lines and Shapes: Pictures with a Message
There are many kinds of lines and shapes. A line is the path created by a moving point. Curved lines can make shapes. The shapes have curved edges. Can you name these shapes? They all have curved edges. More)
Painting: Shapes and Patterns
An artist named Pablo Picasso created this painting. More)
Shapes (2)
  Shapes Pencil and Pastel One of the first practices I worked on in drawing was to work with shape and form. I started drawing basic shapes in w (More)
Drawing: Colors, Lines and Shapes
What colors do you see here? Neutral Children drew these pictures. What colors did they choose? More)
Painting: Learning to Use Paints
Today you will learn to use paint and a brush. You will make a painting. Look for lines, shapes and patterns in this painting. More)
Collage: Textures You Can See
An artist made this collage. Look for textures in the collage. Look for lines and shapes, too. More)

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