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weekly journal
Week of January 23-27, 2017 for my first project was to make a hat it could be any kind of hat. So what I chose was to make an octopus hat and for me it was fun but a little hard to make. For the first day of making this hat I need to make the hea (More)
Sculpture: Imaginary Creatures
Today you will make a clay sculpture of an animal. Have you ever seen animals like these? Look carefully. Do these animals show real or make believe animals?

Sculpture: Sculpture About People
This kind of art is called sculpture. An artist made this sculpture. The sculpture shows a family. [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="331"] Henry Moore, Family Group, 1950.

sculpture Midterm essay
By victor chocolate 8x18 star 7 x 16 More)
Sculpture I Final
This was (More)
Sculpture/Media arts Mid-term
Mid-term (More)
This is a sculpture made of wire, paper and tape. I painted it to make it look nicer. I made my sculpture hanging from the chai (More)
Sculpture project
  In this project we had to make a sculpture using paper and wire. We had to do a feeling in the one I did this perso (More)
Sculpture I
    Missing PiecesĀ  Styrofoam cup For this assignment we were given Styrofoam cups to work with. They had to be the size could be no smaller than the cup was when I was given to us. I has the idea of doing something like a candle hold (More)
Human Sculpture Project:
Human Sculpture Project: With this project we were told to make a story with human like figures and have them tell a stor (More)
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