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World War II Debate // AP US History
Through this debate, I had learned a lot of outside information from just what we had learned in class. This gave me a better understanding of World War II and the mindset on each side, especially with the Japanese and the United States. We also went (More)
Literary Analysis Project
The document would not embed correctly, so here is the link to my essay.  I am very proud with the way my project turned out. My essay includes lots (More)
March Concert Reflection // Chamber Orchestra
Overall, I would say that the concert was a sucess. The students, especially the young children surprisingly had kept quiet and respected the other players which was a giant plus. Parents also had a lot of nice comments. One of the best comments I he (More)
Tech Team quarter 2 reflection
This was my last quarter on tech team, and it was a good class experience. I learned a lot of different things about computers that I didn't think that I was going to learn in this class. A lot of what I did this quarter was help Mrs.Young. I would d (More)
Debate Reflection
This week in English class, we held a debate. In my opinion, I think the agree side (my side) won. We had lots more information, and they were just re-stating facts that we had already given, making it less of a debate and more of an agreement. The a (More)
Intermediate Drawing/Painting Weekly Journal/Reflection
Week of January 23-27, 2017 This week we worked with the concept of contour line drawing. We started out by practicing blind contour line drawings where we didn't look at the paper and looked at our model the entire time. Then we took small breaks o (More)
Quarter 2 Reflection // Technology Team
Through this quarter in technology team, I continued with the daily jobs that I had to do along with thinking of other technology-related ideas that I could have done. I really like gaming and I wanted to incorporate a goal into my learning. I'll get (More)
English Midterm
          For our project, we had to make a visual representation of an event in our book. The book we read was Unwholly. We used different colors of play-doh and a tin container for this project.  We got together and put everything together. First, (More)
U.S. History Midterm
Foundations of Art and Design Portfolio
Untitled Perspective - Coal For this project, we had a series of objects set up on a table in the middle of the room. From where we were sitting, we wer (More)
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