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Study Guide, Notebook Check, and Anticipation Guide for A New Nation
Anticipation Guide Practice for the test by completing the anticipation guide for this unit. Earn extra credit poin (More)
Weekly Question 3/13/17- Civil Rights Injustice
The Judicial Branch can have an enormous impact on the everyday lives of American citizens- for better or worse. In the 1960’s, a court in South Carolina negatively affected the lives of nine citizens who were arrested while protesting unfair and unc (More)
Presidential Participation Activities for 3rd Quarter
Each item below is worth one Participation Activity: Presidential Trivia More)
Bill Watch- Participation Activity
Directions: Read an article or watch a news show that deals with bills currently under consideration in Congress. Bill Topic (What is the bill about?): Article Title (Where did you read about it?): Source (Where did the article come from?) (More)
Congressional Scavenger Hunt- Participation Activity
Participation activity for 3rd quarter- Congressional Scavenger Hunt (More)
Weekly Question 3/6/17- Privacy Laws and Law Enforcement
In 2015, two individuals in California were responsible for killing 14 during an attack at an office building. The shooters claimed to have been inspired by ISIS, though they were not officially acting under orders of  or in connection with the terro (More)
Participation Activities- 3rd Quarter
Which Founding Father Are You? Ever wonder which Founding Father you are most like? Take the following quiz to find out! Take the quiz: http://constitutioncenter.org/foundersquiz/ To ea (More)
Who Wants to Marry a Founding Father? Participation Activity
Who Wants to Marry a Founding Father? Visit the site below, click through the questions, and find out which of the Founding Father you are best suited for! (Sorry, there are no Founding Mothers, all of the delegates were men. If you were hoping fo (More)
Daniel Shay's Wanted Poster
Daniel Shays Wanted Poster Some considered to be Daniel Shays a hero for continuing to stand up for the rights of Americans when he led the rebellion against the Massachusetts taxation. Others thought he was a dangerous rebel who threatened to des (More)
Weekly Question 2/27/17- African American Leaders in Science & Technology
This week, we will explore the role that African Americans have had in the field of science and technology.   Read about prominent scientists and inventors: https://webfiles. (More)
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