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Foundations of Art and Design Weekly Journal/Reflection
for this week in Art we did a project of perceptive drawing we had to look at different things on a table and look at the edges of the objects and measures the distance with our pencils and look at the angles and then when have to take the measuremen (More)
Looking at Art: Pictures of People
Pablo Picasso, Paul as Harlequin. 1924. Oil on canvas. (130 x 97.5 cm)   This artwork shows a child. (More)
Painting: Mixing Tints and Shades
Arthur D (More)
Foundations of Art and Design Weekly Journal/Reflection
for week two of art we are making a self portrate assignment and its a grid drawing we only do a box at a time in our drawing to help us focus on certain parts of the facial features and we number each square to match it up with the blank paper that (More)
Foundation of Art and Design Weekly Journal/Reflection
first week of art we drew pictures of our class mates that were a model and we had to draw there facial features without our pen or pencil leaving the paper and then after we got better at doing that we had to do the same thing but we had to add cont (More)
Tint & Pattern Circles
In this project you will learn how to paint TINTS & SHADES. Tints are created by mixing any color of paint + white. SHADES ARE CREATED BY MIXING ANY COLOR OF PAINT + BLACK. You will also learn about positive space and negative space! [caption (More)
Digital Portfolio, Visual Arts - Entry #1
Fragmented Watercolor Watercolor The process to create this project took about week to create. I started by drawing a circle to be able to draw the shape (More)
Painting 1 Midterm Reflection
Every student and artist has a very different design approach when creating artwork. Mine is very personal and organized. First with every artwork whether it is in class or out (yes I paint at home), I always research and watch tutorials. In clas (More)
Painting Final 2016
Wiz Khalifa Pencil Drawing       Before this course this year, I never really did any shading in any o (More)
Drawing/ Painting 2 Final
Skullcandy Water Colors This was one of my water color painting, it is not my favotire. I started with looking through pictu (More)
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