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Quarter 2 Reflection // Technology Team
Through this quarter in technology team, I continued with the daily jobs that I had to do along with thinking of other technology-related ideas that I could have done. I really like gaming and I wanted to incorporate a goal into my learning. I'll get (More)
Midterm Reflection // Chamber Orchestra
During the rehearsal I had faced the troubles of some of the third finger sharps because they came by so quick. I also found that I had to be able to look at the time signature because that changed a few times. I troubleshooted this because a (More)
Midterm Reflection // Honors 9 English
For the midterm, I created an essay that explained how William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies portrayed characters that were good and characters that were evil. I had used evidence from the book to support my ideas. I also created a well th (More)
Midterm Project // Physical Education
Q : What is the next step in applying these components of fitness and how will they help maintain a level of physical fitness in the future?  If you apply these components of fitness to everyday life then you can be very fit and be able to do (More)
SLOAN_Reflection // French 2
I was extremely well with fluency when it came to asking the questions and most of them I answered fluently as well. I was also good when it came to feminine or masculine forms of the word. For example, I did really good holding out the “n” sound in (More)
SLOAN_Midterm // French 2
Midterm Assignment & Reflection // Digital Media
For this semester in class, I decided to independently work on two topics that I was interested in but lacked the resources to actually do at home. For the first quarter, I decided to do C (More)
Midterm Reflection // Honors World History
In order to complete the activity at hand, our group brainstormed the themes that represented all the information that we learned and how we could connect and organize these events into a poster that looks neat and has plenty of information. When it (More)
Midterm Reflection // Honors Geometry
For the midterm, we were assigned three out of four questions to answer, all involving applying the skills that we've learned over this semester and applying them to create something or to solve a possible real-world problem. This is significant beca (More)
Midterm Word
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