Kinds of Artwork: Montage
Romare Bearden. Spring Way. 1964.   A collage is a picture made from cut paper. The paper sh (More)
Painting: Light, Color and Feelings
Artists use lines, colors and shapes to tell about scenes they see. They can also use lines, colors and shapes to tell how scenes make them feel.

Drawing: Many Kinds of Lines
People built this big wind turbine. Look for diagonal lines. Diagonal lines lean to one side. Are these lines straight? Are these lines curved? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="360"] Mel Bochner - Pythagoras 4. 2006.

Mel Bo (More)
Lines: Lines Show Motion
Lines are the visual record of a path of movement. When fireworks explode, the sparks fly outward very fast. Then the sparks slowly float down until they touch the ground. Look closely at the photograph. Which lines record the movement of explo (More)
Lines: Kinds of Lines
Artists see lines in nature. They look for lines and shapes in trees, leaves, grass and other things. This photograph shows the jagged outline of rocks. Look for the powerful curved lines in the wave.

Drawing from Nature: What Lines Can Show
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="560"] Wheat Fields. Ben Shahn. Wheat Field, 1958.

There are many ways to get ideas for artwork. Try drawing natural things you see outside. T (More)
Bad Hair Day
Patterns¬†can be made with lines, shapes, colors, textures and letters OR SYMBOLS! Bad Hair Day . Jen Murray.   1.¬†Draw a self-portrait on white paper with pencil. 2. DR (More)
Drawing: Colors, Lines and Shapes
What colors do you see here? Neutral Children drew these pictures. What colors did they choose? More)
Painting: Learning to Use Paints
Today you will learn to use paint and a brush. You will make a painting. Look for lines, shapes and patterns in this painting. More)
Collage: Textures You Can See
An artist made this collage. Look for textures in the collage. Look for lines and shapes, too. More)

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