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Out of My Mind Prototype
My Book Report About : Dork Diaries Tales From A Not So Smart Miss Know It All
Minecraft Lightning thief
https://youtu.be/jHT2UP1eKSY (More)
Percy Jackson Modern God Demeter
My class is reading a book called Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief, in the book we learn about gods and goddesses.During this project we got to pick a Olympus God or Goddess of our choice and then we could change them to look like regular people. (More)
History Day
Today is history day at school. History day is a day where each person in the fifth grade picks a person that is historically significant, dress up like them and then give a speech about them in first person to the whole fifth grade. I picked Mary Lo (More)
More History Day
We also had to write a report along with the trifold and speech here is my report. Click here to see report (More)
pixton comic
My Christmas Mad Libs
https://youtu.be/aQmbvO5sZu0 (More)
Number the Stars and WWII Timeline
Preceden Timeline Click the following link to see my timeline. (More)
Similes and Metaphors in songs
http://youtu.be/DtMQ8JwPHOM (More)
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