Learning About Art: Seeing, Thinking, Imagining
This year you will learn many new things about art. Here are some important things to remember. Use your eyes. Art begins with things you see and remember. Look around your classroom. How many kinds of blue do you see? Look for light and dark blues. (More)
Learning About Art: Art in Your World
This year you will learn many things about art. Art is a special way of sharing your ideas and emotions. It is a way to share the way you feel, imagine, remember and see. Artwork is created so that people will see things in a new or special way. (More)
Drawing: Ideas for Artwork
You can make art! You can make artwork about things you have seen and remember. An artist saw this carpet shop with strange colors and shapes. The photograph is their artwork. Think about the things you have seen so far today. Would they be a (More)
This week we will take time to explore all the benefits of camping.  This is Miss Fiona's favorite thing in the whole wide world!!  She has kindly put up her tent in the housekeeping area with a fire pit (More)
Aaarrr you ready for Pirate week?
Pirate week is always special.  We will make pirate hand prints, play pirate bingo and make our own treasure chests.  The sensory table will be filled with pirate bootie and the kids will get to pretend (More)
Collage: Using Your Imagination
Look at your collage. Look at it again. Find a new idea for yo (More)
Collage: Use Your Imagination
An artist created this collage. He drew lines on top of the collage. Pablo Picasso - Man with a Hat. 1912. MOMA. New York. You can look at art in many ways. Look at your collage in man (More)

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