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Last Reflection // Honors English
What are your top 2-3 favorites that we read this year (can be poem, novel, play, short story, etc.)? One of my favorites that we read this year was The Odyssey. I enjoyed this epic because I like mythology a lot and it was a very unique story. (More)
Second Semester Reflection // Honors Geometry
This year I learned a lot of new topics in geometry and went over things that we learned the year before in eighth grade. We reviewed different things like determining the circumference of a circle, the area of a rectangle and a circle and we learned (More)
Christmas Card Hour of Code Project // Honors Geometry
Greeting   Note - Click on "Greeting" text to view the entire card if the scroll option isn't working. Made using: More)
Presentation Reflection // Honors English
1. What tenants did you choose to represent Odysseus? The tenants we had chosen were create, solve problems, innovate, communicate, serve, and collaborate. Personally I had worked on serve and collaborate. 2. Which 3 tenants out of the 6 you (More)
Trigonometry Story Problem Project // Honors Geometry
From the project, I have learned that I'm able to take the trigonometry that I have learned in class and show it in a story problem. Seeing the wide variety of problems that each group had done it class, it shows that trigonometry is able to be a (More)
Analyzing Articles // Honors Biology
The Implications of Embryonic Screening.  As for both of these articles, the situation and ethical viewpoint of this process being right or wrong depends on the person and what they decide to do with this procedure. As for the situation at hand, I (More)
Summary Statement Comparison // Honors Biology
DNA strands are sorted depending on their length during gel electrophoresis. The “gel" is the thing that sorts the DNA the strands. Firstly, the DNA is placed into holes at the end of the gel. Up next, an electrical current which is called the “elect (More)
Midterm Reflection // Honors 9 English
For the midterm, I created an essay that explained how William Golding, the author of Lord of the Flies portrayed characters that were good and characters that were evil. I had used evidence from the book to support my ideas. I also created a well th (More)
Midterm Reflection // Honors World History
In order to complete the activity at hand, our group brainstormed the themes that represented all the information that we learned and how we could connect and organize these events into a poster that looks neat and has plenty of information. When it (More)
Midterm Reflection // Honors Geometry
For the midterm, we were assigned three out of four questions to answer, all involving applying the skills that we've learned over this semester and applying them to create something or to solve a possible real-world problem. This is significant beca (More)
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