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Honors Geometry: Trig Story Problem
In geometry we have been learning the basics of trig using right triangles.  We have learned a"SOH CAH TOA" or sine, cosine, and tangent and how (More)
Math Project
For this project we had to make a story problem of an angle using SOH CAH TOA. In our diagram we used a man with a kite and a building.  (More)
Create a Trig Story Problem~ Honors Geometry Project
Math Project
HGEO - Semester #1 Reflection
During this first semester of Honors Geometry, most of the work we have done was a review for me. We started off talking about points, lines, and planes. We talked about line segments, rays, opposite rays, etc. Next, we covered segments and things su (More)
Semester Review
Honors Geometry semester one was great at times but a little difficult. It is a high school advanced class and I am only an eighth grader but I think I was able to catch on quickly. We learned lots of things within the first semester. We learned abou (More)
Honors Geometry 1st Semester Reflection
I've learned a lot this semester in geometry. We've reviewed algebra a bit and learned many new things. We learned about lines, segments, perpendicular lines, and other things of that sort. We went over graphs and slope and how to do that.  We went o (More)
First Semester Geometry
In the first semester of my freshman year in Honors Geometry we learned how to use the Pythagorean Theorem which is used to solve the hypotenuse of a right triangle using the equation a2+b2=c2. We also learned how to write and identify a conjecture ( (More)
Honors Geometry Reflection Unit 1
The first semester of Honors Geometry taught me a lot. We started off first quarter learning about lines, segments, points, and planes. Eventually throughout the quarter, we used what we learned from that unit to help calculate angles and learned new (More)
First Semester Review
It’s almost been a semester of my 8th Grade year. Within this reflection, I will talk about all of the things I’ve learned so far in Honors Geometry. We started the year with the basics of Geometry, which included Patterns and Inductive Reasoning, wh (More)
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