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foundations of art and design weekly journal reflection
This week were were mostly learning about line drawings. These line drawings are pretty simple and easy to do.  We first started to fold a pig piece of paper into six sections and we are to make a desighn in each box and see which one we like the mos (More)
Foundations Of Art and Design weekly journal/Reflection
This week we our teacher had thought us what kind of brushes we are using.  We will be using a very fine point brush.  We will also be using a flat brush for bigger areas.  We have gone over that we will be painting with black paint.  With the black (More)
Foundations Of Art and Design weekly journal/Reflection
Week of January 23-27, 2017 This was my first week in class and I learned a few things already.  What we have been doing in class is coming up with four des (More)
Graphic Arts Semester Exam
In Graphic Arts class, I feel I grew as an artist in many ways. I observed several different ways to draw, paint and create designs. From one of my first assignments to one of my last assignments, growth can easily be seen. In our topogrophy quot (More)
Final Assessment
< (More)
Quarter 4 Project Progress
So far, I have started my project. I'm working on taking a photo and making it look like a cartoon. I only have a small sketch of the outline and that is not even done yet. I'm going to fill in the color and shade it and make it look cartoonish. I mi (More)
Digital Media research
-game creation -a consumer-targeted game engine and a set of specialized design tools , engineered for the rapid iteration of user-derived video games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_design (More)
Vacation Bird House
In the UK, there is new type of vacation house that is being designed. It is shaped like a Weaver birds nest, and this means that the opening is from underneath and it sits on the branches and tree trunks. These houses will have "energy-efficient lig (More)
Logo Design #2
Website assignment
http://museguitars.weebly.com/ (More)
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