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Painting: Mixing Tints & Shades
Artists use light and dark colors in their pictures. The lightness and the darkness of a color is its value. Colors that have light values are tints.

Kinds of Artwork: Montage
[caption id="attachment_2953" align="alignnone" width="550"] Romare Bearden. Spring Way. 1964.

  A collage is a picture made from cut paper. The paper sh (More)
Mixing Colors: Secondary and Intermediate
  The color wheel will help you remember important ideas about mixing colors. Primary colors are red, yellow and blue. You can mix other colors from them. Secondary colors are orange, green and violet. These colors are created b (More)
Colors: Neutral Colors
This is a color wheel. It shows the pure colors you see in the rainbow. Rainbow colors are seen when light shines through the raindrops. More)
Painting: Ways to Use Paint
Today you will use TEMPRA paint. There are many techniques for using paint. A technique is a way to do something very well. Artists learn techniques so they can express ideas and feelings in artwork. Study the examples of painting techniques in t (More)
Photography: Shapes of Pictures
Artists plan their drawings and paintings. They can plan a tall, vertical picture. This is a PORTRAIT FORMAT. More)
Lines, Textures and Patterns: Etching
Designs of Imagination. Sarah J. 2015-2016. There are many techniques for using pencils, crayons, and other art materials. IN THIS PROJECT WE WILL CREATE AN ARTWORK USING AN ETC (More)
Learning About Art: Seeing, Thinking, Imagining
This year you will learn many new things about art. Here are some important things to remember. Use your eyes. Art begins with things you see and remember. Look around your classroom. How many kinds of blue do you see? Look for light and dark blues. (More)
Drawing: Motion and Change
A student your age drew the pictures you see below. They drew pictures to explain how things can move and change. The girl that drew these pictures is a good swimmer. She drew four pictures to show the motion in a good dive. More)
Bad Hair Day
Patterns can be made with lines, shapes, colors, textures and letters OR SYMBOLS! Bad Hair Day . Jen Murray.   1. Draw a self-portrait on white paper with pencil. 2. DR (More)
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