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Sculpture: Imaginary Creatures
Today you will make a clay sculpture of an animal. Have you ever seen animals like these? Look carefully. Do these animals show real or make believe animals?

Drawing: Patterns and Textures
Artists learn to create textures and patterns from lines. Do you see how artists create textures and patterns? [caption id="attachment_2169" align="alignnone" width="802"]More)
Painting: Mixing Colors
The color wheel can help you remember how to mix colors. Red, yellow and blue are called primary colors. You can use the primary colors to make the secondary colors. Orange, green and violet are called secondary colors. You can mix a primary co (More)
Color: Warm and Cool Colors
  Have you ever watched the sun come up in the morning? Did you ever watch the sun go down in the evening? What colors have you seen at each time of the day? An artist named J.M.W. Turner created this painting. More)
Collage: Cutting Paper Shapes
[caption id="attachment_1627" align="alignnone" width="976"] Henri Matisse, Large Composition with Masks. 1953.

This is (More)
Lines & Shapes: Using Your Imagination
An artist named Joan Miro created this painting. His painting seems to show a make-believe land. His picture has many lines and shapes. What free form shap (More)
Lines and Shapes: Pictures with a Message
There are many kinds of lines and shapes. A line is the path created by a moving point. Curved lines can make shapes. The shapes have curved edges. Can you name these shapes? They all have curved edges. More)
Lines: Kinds of Lines
Artists see lines in nature. They look for lines and shapes in trees, leaves, grass and other things. This photograph shows the jagged outline of rocks. Look for the powerful curved lines in the wave. (More)
Drawing: Ideas for Artwork
You can make art! You can make artwork about things you have seen and remember. An artist saw this carpet shop with strange colors and shapes. The photograph is their artwork. Think about the things you have seen so far today. Would they be a (More)
Optical Art 2: Complementary Colors
Complementary Colors are across from each other on the Color Wheel. When you mix complementary colors together they make gray. Directions: 1. Before you be (More)
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