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Printmaking: Texture Rubbings
Artists look closely at textures. Some textures look rough. Some textures look smooth. More)
Painting: Mixing Grays
This is a photograph of a city. An artist took this photograph. Look for all the blacks, whites and grays.

Drawing: People
  [caption id="attachment_2257" align="alignnone" width="639"] Drawing People

What games do you play outside? How does your body bend an (More)
Drawing: Animals
Elephant A photographer took this picture. This picture is called a photograph. Vincent Van Gogh, Olive Trees with the Alpilles, 1889. Oil on canvas. Museum of Modern Art. New York. An artist named Vincent Van Gogh painted this landscape. A landscape is a picture of count (More)
Shapes: Making a Collage
Ronald Ahlstrom, Untitled. (N.D.) This artwork has many shapes. Name th (More)
Drawing: Lines Show Motion
You can feel the motion of lines.

Drawing: Many Kinds of Lines
People built this big wind turbine. Look for diagonal lines. Diagonal lines lean to one side. Are these lines straight? Are these lines curved? [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="360"] Mel Bochner - Pythagoras 4. 2006.

Mel Bo (More)
Painting: Pictures about the Weather
  Franz Stuck, Landscape with Storm. c.1920. Oil on Wood. (60 x 62.5 cm). Private Collection. This paintin (More)
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