Panthéon - French Monument Project
After listening to myself in my VoiceThread, I have come to the following conclusions. What did you do well in speaking? 1. I spoke in French fluently and I answered the questions correctly. I do however think that in my VoiceThread, I spoke in a (More)
Passé Composé
Song Project
Our New French Hit Single, Turkey Burgers. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (More)
Posteur Project // French 2
SLOAN_Reflection // French 2
I was extremely well with fluency when it came to asking the questions and most of them I answered fluently as well. I was also good when it came to feminine or masculine forms of the word. For example, I did really good holding out the “n” sound in (More)
SLOAN_Midterm // French 2

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