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Literary Analysis Project Reflection
I feel like my final project was ok it was the best and it was not the worst. I am not proud of my work because i know i could do better. The areas i could of imported on was all of them because I did bad on of them. The most helpful steps were the o (More)
Literary Analysis Project
The document would not embed correctly, so here is the link to my essay.  I am very proud with the way my project turned out. My essay includes lots (More)
Debate Reflection
In my english class we performed a debate that had to do with whether or not it was a good idea for Ted Hall to share important information about WW2 to the Soviets. I personally think that the agree side won. It wasn't that hard to research because (More)
Modest Proposal - Pendolino
https://docs.google.com/document/d/16n1Mg_OX9nKObqIQcZHL6p1lNbDIoEi8UIAs00ERFxE/edit?usp=sharing (More)
UnWholly Midterm
We had to pick an object that represented a part of the book and explain why this represented what we saw the best way we could. This thought me how to look deeper into different things about books. Our project is made of poster paper, colored con (More)
My Speech
http://https://youtu.be/tfdxVwwOMo0 Here is my speech on the Giver. It is about three things you can do to make the community better. (More)
The giver speech
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grKEU-K0agA (More)
My Speech for the Giver
Giver Persuasion Speech
https://youtu.be/h6uQQjxhTnM (More)
My Giver Speech
My Video (More)
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