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English Midterm
This is the Graveyard from the book Unwind. It is where the unwind kids go to be safe from the juvies. (More)
Makey Makey
Liquid Conductors.
Link to Presentation   Reflection: From doing this project I had gotten the chance to experime (More)
Standard Evaluation Reflection
For my electricity project I chose the standard evaluation test. On the test I got a 58/70 which is a B-. I feel like I knew most of the stuff on the test and I got a couple wrong because I didn't know them. In scenario #1, I knew what electricity wa (More)
Current, Voltage and Resistance functions
Charge demonstration
In this video we are demonstrating static electricity , static electricity is when electrons are moving without a current. In this video the ruler is becoming charges and when being placed next to the paper the ruler pick it up. With Dynamic electric (More)
Static Electricity project-Olivia and Racheal
 I meant to say, the balloons don't repel to one another because they have the same charges(negative), making them go the opposite way from one another(opposites charges attract not repel). More)
Explaining Static Electricity
Electricity Hands-on Activity Project
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