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Drawing: People
  Drawing People What games do you play outside? How does your body bend an (More)
Drawing: Animals
Elephant A photographer took this picture. This picture is called a photograph.

Drawing: Heads & Faces
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"] Portrait of a Boy, Roman period, 2nd century. Egyptian. Encaustic on wood. (39 cm x 19 cm). Gift of Edward S. Harkness, 1918 (18.9.2) ww (More)
Art: Introduction to Drawing and Painting
ART Drawing & Painting Portrait Drawing White Colored Pencil Vs. Black sheet Paper This is my first Artifact. (More)
Drawing: Lines Make Shapes
[caption id="attachment_3176" align="alignnone" width="510"] House. Vince. Grade 1. 2016.

You can draw curved lines. More)
Drawing: Many Kinds of Lines
People built this big wind turbine. Look for diagonal lines. Diagonal lines lean to one side. Are these lines straight? Are these lines curved? Mel Bochner - Pythagoras 4. 2006. Mel Bo (More)
Learning About Art: Seeing, Thinking, Imagining
This year you will learn many new things about art. Here are some important things to remember. Use your eyes. Art begins with things you see and remember. Look around your classroom. How many kinds of blue do you see? Look for light and dark blues. (More)
Lines: Lines Show Motion
Lines are the visual record of a path of movement. When fireworks explode, the sparks fly outward very fast. Then the sparks slowly float down until they touch the ground. Look closely at the photograph. Which lines record the movement of explo (More)
Drawing: Be Creative!
Isabella. Grade 4. 2013. A creative artist has many ideas for an artwork. You can (More)
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