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Helping Others Comic
Think before you eat it again
Did you know that your regular meal at McDonald or wendys is almost more than your daily. OK let's say you're hungry and it's  lunch you want all of it you want crispy chicken BLT,large natural cut fries, large strawberry lemonade, and a jr frosty va (More)
Barbara's Dome
  City X is a planet far away from earth, and all the people brought only one thing and it was a 3D printer. Barbara’s problem is that they di (More)
Living on one dollar
Journaling the ancient world
City X Wants to Remember Earth
I had to help a City X person with a problem, and my City X person was Tim. Tim’s problem was that they love City X but he misses earth. He wanted to (More)
The Finest Hours Activity
The Unknown City X
For a project that we did, we created a 3D printed object to help people that are living on City X. City X is place that is not (More)
Shawn's Animal Play Scanner
Humans have landed on another Planet and all they have is a 3-D printer and everybody has a problem my person’s problem is that he (More)
The Awful Effects Of Fast Food.
 Did you know that during the early 1900's, the hamburger was thought to be polluted, unsafe to eat, and food for the poor? Street carts, not restaurants, typicall (More)
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