Kinds of Artwork: Montage
Romare Bearden. Spring Way. 1964.   A collage is a picture made from cut paper. The paper sh (More)
Collage: Cutting Paper Shapes
Henri Matisse, Large Composition with Masks. 1953. This is (More)
Shapes: Making a Collage
Ronald Ahlstrom, Untitled. (N.D.) This artwork has many shapes. Name th (More)
Collage: Using Your Imagination
Look at your collage. Look at it again. Find a new idea for yo (More)
Collage: Messages from Designs
This is a formal or symmetrical design. The left and right sides are alike or almost the same. Each shape is balanced by a similar shape. formal or symmetric (More)
Collage: Textures You Can Feel
You can make a collage. It can have textures to touch. It can have textures to see. Kurt Schwitters - Merzbild Rossfett. c.1919. An artist made this collage. What do you see (More)
Collage: Textures You Can See
An artist made this collage. Look for textures in the collage. Look for lines and shapes, too. More)
Texture and Pattern: Pictures from Fabrics
Your clothes are made from fabrics. You can feel the texture of a fabric. You can see the texture of a fabric.   (More)

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