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Sculpture: Imaginary Creatures
Today you will make a clay sculpture of an animal. Have you ever seen animals like these? Look carefully. Do these animals show real or make believe animals? Iron Age Terracotta Zoomorphic Sculpture. (More)
Chinese Reflection
The content in this course may apply to my life in many ways. I am Chinese, but I only speak Cantonese and Mandarin in Chinese class. One example is when I went to Colorado and their daughter only speaks Chinese, but another example may be if I decid (More)
Chinese Midterm Reflection
The things that I have learned in this course will not apply to anything. But it might apply to me later in life and maybe helping me if I become a Chinese translator and it also helped me learn about the Chinese culture and helps me understand it mo (More)
Chinese Midterm
This course can apply to my life in many different ways. I am Chinese I know how to speak Cantonese. I would one day want to visit my family in China and all of my cousins to speak to them. Maybe one day I will have to move to China for a job and I w (More)
Chinese Midterm
In Chinese class, I've learned two major things. One is the language, and two, the culture. By learning the language, I have many opportunities to become a translator. I can also Impress friends and family by speaking a foreign language. With the cul (More)
House Project
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1WTiujgHPaTZ7GjMkNh52WQZDA9vkgh4uoJ9piRyQqiM/edit?usp=sharing (More)
Chinese recording
http://vocaroo.com/i/s0OYlO8Cs5VF (More)
Chinese Project
  我家! 客厅在中间. 沙发是在电视机前. 电视在旁边灯. 厨房在右侧客厅. Bing Xiang zai yi zi hou bian. Yizi zai zhuo zhi xia mian. Cheku zai ke ting hou bian. Qiche zai 自行车 hou bi (More)
House Project
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