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S/EM Weekly Reflection
Paper hat, final This week I didn't really do anything because I (More)
Intermediate S&EM Weekly Journal/Reflection
Sculpture Midterm
Figure Sculpture, "Hello Darkness My Old Friend" Wire hangers, tape, newspaper 12"x8"   I figured since we were making people out of coat hangers and ta (More)
Ceramics Final
Earing Holder Clay Slab 8" This is another one of my ceramic pieces that I got an idea from one of my drawings. This pi (More)
Fourth Quarter Portfolio
Soap Holder 4 x 7       This ceramics class was the first art class of my high school career. As a result, I think I've sig (More)
Ceramics 4th Quarter Digital Portfolio
 Tealight Candle         5x4 This was the second project that we had to make in ceramics class. Some of the challenges that I fac (More)
Ceramics Reflection
Here is the link to my reflection. (More)
Ceramics Final
Bellow I have attached 4 images and 4 reflections on pieces I have done this year that show my growth throughout the course. (More)
Ceramics Reflection
Cool Blues White clay 6" by 9" With this project I started out with a slab of white clay and an already drawn design on a white (More)
Art Portfolio
Love Wave                               I have improved as an artist because I have learned how to express my thoughts into my (More)
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