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Tiki brown clay 8" height It is hard little bit to create, but I felt good when I finish it, I've used a brown and green colors (More)
Duck White Clay and Glaze 5" height I chose the duck because its easiest animal we can create. However its a nice animal, whe (More)
Bowl (pottery wheel)
This is the bowl that took me over two weeks to make on the pottery wheel. I really hated trying to get this thing centered so much (More)
Tea Light Candle Holder
The tea light candle holder was the second thing I have ever made in ceramics and it is the piece that I get the most use (More)
Clay Slab / Tile
When I first took on this project I immediately knew that I wanted to do a tile using shapes with different depths. The one thing th (More)
Ceramics I Final
Recessed Tile White clay, glaze 6" x 9" I believe that my recessed tile is my best project that I made this semester. I like a (More)
Ceramics I Final
Ceramics I Final
Soap Holder  White clay, glaze 3" x 5" The soap holder that I made was the first ceramics project I made. After comparing this (More)
Ceramics I Final
Tiki Red clay, glaze 7" x 3" The tiki I made was one of the last projects I made in class. I think my tiki is one of my best (More)
Ceramics 1 Midterm Reflection
My design process and approach to creating a work of art is that I have to plan out what I am going to do ahead of time. Each time that I make a work of art, I draw it out on a sheet of paper and plan out what I am going to design on it, how tal (More)
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