Candle Holder
  Candle Holder White Clay with underglaze 4 1/2 in tall and 3 1/2 inches wide This was the second thing I made for my (More)
Masquerade White clay, under glaze  5 by 5 and 1/2 I really loved making this mask because it was simple and the paint applica (More)
Beach Day
Beach Day White clay, paint 2 in tall 1 1/2 in wide This was the first project we did in Ceramics 2. I wanted to make beach lo (More)
Mushroom House
Mushroom House White clay, paint, under glaze 4 3/4 in tall and 2 inches wide The mushroom house was my least favorite project (More)
Sea Horse
Sea Horse's Red and White clay, under glaze, paint 11 inches tall 4 inches wide This was my final project. I started with clay (More)
Wall Pockets
Wall Pockets White clay, Red Clay, Glaze, and clear transparent  8"x 4" Throughout this semester in ceramics class I learned many (More)
The Warrior Mask
The Warrior Mask Wo (More)
Vase Project- Ceramics
  Beautiful First Timer Vase White Clay  My ceramics class was told to make a slab vase. Creating this vase was tedious and required the effort of work from many of days of class. As stated in my title, this is my first time making the vase (More)
Vase project- Ceramics 1
Pretty Vase White Clay The making of this vase was a very fast process. I started by rolling out the clay into a 1/4 inch slab. I then laid the clay on one of the pattern blocks and used the roller to add pressure so the pattern would indent. Aft (More)
Ceramics Digital Portfolio #1
The First of Many White clay  Designing and creating this vase was very trying and it was hard to adjust to use clay fo (More)

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