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AP Bio Protein model
Enzyme Catalysis
  In this lab, we let catalase facilitate the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide for varying amounts of time. Then we added potassium (More)
Math 1410: Cars
Direct Link (More)
AP Bio- Enzyme Lab Summary
In our catalase enzyme lab, we observed the enzyme catalase's effect on the decomposition of H2O2 into H2O and O2. When it was added to the H2O2 solution, it increased the reaction rate so significantly that bubbles of O2 could be viewed forming. How (More)
AP Bio: Diffusion Independent Investigation
Cell Models Lab AP Biology 3° Zoё Karabinus & Ethan Zuccola   Hypothesis: If the shape of the cell is changed in such a way that surface are (More)
AP Biology Photosynthesis Lab
In the first lab, we tested whether a higher concentration of baking soda in water would cause more leaf disks to float (from O2 produced by photosynthesis) after different time intervals. We found no real correlation with baking soda concentrati (More)
AP Biology Cell Signaling Model
  Today we modeled two types of cell signaling: through tyrosine kinase receptors, and through G-protein coupled receptors. Tyrosine kinase rece (More)
AP Government Midterm Reflection
Ethan Zuccola Ms. Keener AP Government 15 December 2015      Our midterm assessments for AP Government were two debates. The class voted on which topics they wanted to debate about, and the two that were selected were the death penalty an (More)
AP Calculus Midterm Reflection
     Over this semester, I learned entirely new concepts that, by my understanding, are only introduced in calculus. I learned derivatives (and their definition), various ways they are used, like maximization and minimization, or using derivatives an (More)
AP Biology Translation Claymation Reflection
In this activity, we used modeling dough to represent most of the parts involved in translation, like mRNA and its nucleotides on its side (adenine is red, uracil is blue, guanine is green, and cytosine (More)
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