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1) Final Project
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Sculpture: Sculpture About People
This kind of art is called sculpture. An artist made this sculpture. The sculpture shows a family. Henry Moore, Family Group, 1950. (More)
Intermediate drawing and painting
   Week of January 23-27, 2017 This week we worked on continuous line drawings. Continuous line drawings are where you are not allowed to pick up your pen or pencil and they are usually drawings of faces. The first couple of days we did simple small (More)
Art Portfolio, 2017
              Title:  House on a Hill Size: 10 x 14 I used blue and purple for this painting because  they are my favorite colors .    More)
Art Porfolio
Title: Tooty Fruity Size: 11 x 7-1/2 I used shading to blend in the colors on the fruits.   More)
Art Portfolio
Title: Dinosaur Claws This is a dinosaur walking in the snow. More)
Drawing & Painting 1 Reflection
        Contour Line Drawing In this drawing I drew a screw driver, we first had to make rando (More)
Foundations of Art and Design Portfolio
Untitled Perspective - Coal For this project, we had a series of objects set up on a table in the middle of the room. From where we were sitting, we wer (More)
Foundations of Art and Design
Van Soulsing Pencil/Pen on Paper 12" x 8.5"  My experience with this art class was a lot of fun. My work really was not ver (More)
Intro to Illustration and Graphic Design Portfolio
Topography Quote Media: Ipad and Apple pen This was the first project I did after returning from summer break.  I picked up where they were last wh (More)
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