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Psych Checklist
Website pages 1-7 “Seinfeld EKR” Directions: Watch each of the clips and provide a complete sentence for each question in PGMS. #8 requires a complete (More)
Art Exploration - Freshman Year
Entry #11
Simplistict House 17 x 12 Pen I made a house by using squares, wedges, and rectangles, I used a pen to draw this and I made everything exactly parallel. (More)
Art Final (2) #1
  Magnificent Miranda 5 1/4\"x7 1/2\" Pencil This realistic portrait drawing was drawn with pencil on a used envelope. The composition is based (More)
Art Final (2) #2
  Out There 17\"x12\" pastels The object of this assignment was to create a non-objective pastel drawing using things in nature as inspiration. S (More)
Art Final (2) #3
  Summer Stew 12\"x9\" Tissue paper washed with water; sharpie Summer Stew is a non-objective doodle piece that used many different elements suc (More)
Art Final (2) #6
  Boo 6\" Clay; acrylic paint Boo is a clay sculpture that went with our study of the human body. The assignment was to sculpt a sculpture of a (More)
Entry #7
Selfie Stamp 12 x 9 Linoleum board and ink The painting (More)
Entry #10
Sharpie Doodle 12 x  8 Tissue paper, water, and Sharpie I stained tissue paper onto a white sheet of paper using water to create the background. After (More)
Entry #9
    Envelope Portrait 8 x 9.5 Pencil I was mailed my envelope with a boy\'s letter inside. I had to draw the boy in whose letter I had rec (More)
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