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Atomic Reflection
  changed words with the word attacked or weapon in order to be able to post it" During this debate I learned a lot about each side that was involved in the war.  I learned that not every Japanese person that was there during the time of t (More)
AP US History: Debate Reflection
Link to my reflection: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RXjuTaT1LsOntytBJ6PXjmBTZhVWFc1bxGjFOfw20ok/pub   (More)
APUSH WW2 Debate
The dropping of the atomic bomb on both Nagasaki and Hiroshima helped the U.S. win the war against Japan. Even though the dropping of the bomb caused many lives to be lost and many unknown after effects that are all still in play today in Japan, the (More)
Atomic Bomb Debate Reflection
This debate was overflowing with information about the Atomic Bomb, each side, Pro and Con were both prepared and had information from their research that they were ready to give as an argument to get their point across whether the Atomic Bomb was ju (More)
Atomic Bomb Debate Reflection
Throughout this debate new information has been presented regarding the bomb, the science behind it and the lasting effects it had on the Japanese. I learned that the US spent $2.2 billion financing the Manhattan Project, and both bombs emitted harmf (More)
Debate Reflection
Even though the dropping of the bomb caused many problems there were various good reason for the dropping to occur, leading to more scientific discovery, the winning of the war and becoming the most powerful nation.  This debate I learned a lot, I fe (More)
Christopher Columbus Debeate
Each side had Points that were powerful and should be taken into consideration as they were important for each case. The Villains side had words that were very powerful and could make you feel guilty about situation at hand. However, I feel that the (More)
APUSH Debate Reflection
Christopher Columbus was not a villain but he was not a hero. Christopher Columbus "discovered" the Americas in 1492. Him and his crew set out under the funding of Spain to try and find new trade routes to India and Asia. When he landed in the Americ (More)
Columbus Debate
During our class period today, we debated on the topic of Christopher Columbus. One side of the debate discussed the reasons that Columbus could be considered a villain. The other side of the debate discussed the reasons that Columbus could be consid (More)
Columbus Debate Reflection
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1FGbqVzCjnO0_1K5iU2Gqxh-0a01zlW9AKGgL8RdQdI8/edit (More)
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