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Test Corrections (Optional)
Test Corrections In order to earn up to half of the points that you missed on the online part of the test, please complete the following for the questions that you got incorrect. When you are done, complete the reflection questions at the botto (More)
Geography Fun Day (After Test)
How much do you know about where the states are located? Can you beat Mrs. Frank’s score?   Try your hand here: http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/web_games.htm   Click (More)
Study Guide, Notebook Check, and Anticipation Guide for A New Nation
Anticipation Guide Practice for the test by completing the anticipation guide for this unit. Earn extra credit poin (More)
Directions for Class on 3/15 (Federalism, Checks & Balances Notes)
For class on Wednesday 3/15/17: Take notes on Federalism More)
Constitution USA: Built to Last Video
Constitution USA: Built to Last Video (More)
Notes (Judicial Branch, Bill of Rights, Amendments)
Please be sure the following sets of notes are in your notebook: Judicial Branch More)
Weekly Question 3/13/17- Civil Rights Injustice
The Judicial Branch can have an enormous impact on the everyday lives of American citizens- for better or worse. In the 1960’s, a court in South Carolina negatively affected the lives of nine citizens who were arrested while protesting unfair and unc (More)
Presidential Participation Activities for 3rd Quarter
Each item below is worth one Participation Activity: Presidential Trivia More)
Executive Branch Review Activities
Executive Branch Review Activities (for notebooks) We discussed the Executive Branch in detail last fall, during our Election Unit. Today, you will be revisiting some of that information to review the powers/limits/role of the Executive Branch. (More)
Bill Watch- Participation Activity
Directions: Read an article or watch a news show that deals with bills currently under consideration in Congress. Bill Topic (What is the bill about?): Article Title (Where did you read about it?): Source (Where did the article come from?) (More)
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