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Themes of the Revolution Notes
Notes in class on the Themes of the Revolution (More)
Modern Slavery Participation Activity
Even though the Atlantic Slave Trade happened hundreds of years ago and slavery was outlawed in the 1800’s in the United States, there are still slaves in the world today. More)
Events Leading to the Revolution- Activity in Notes
Events Leading to the Revolution Directions: Copy the table below into your notes and fill it in using information from your research. Below are key events that led to the American Revolution. For each item, explain what each event wa (More)
Government in the Colonies Sketch Notes
Sketch notes from class on Government in the Colonies (More)
13 Colonies Sketch Notes
Sketch notes from class on the 13 colonies (More)
Enlightenment Thinkers Notes and Video
Notes from class on the Enlightenment Thinkers Video on Enlightenment Thinkers (copy down the s (More)
The Scientific Revolution Notes
Notes from class on The Scientific Revolution (More)
Weekly Question 1/2/17- Role Models of 2016
Each of us may remember the year 2016 in many different ways. There were triumphs and defeats, joy and disappointment, setbacks and gains. No matter how you remember it though, the year had its fair share of people working to make the world a better (More)
Weekly Question 12/12/16- A Year in Pictures
“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Take a look through the following photo gallery to get an idea of some of the major (and minor) events that took place in the world in 2016: More)
Test, Notebook Check, Study Guide, Anticipation Guide Prep
Anticipation Guide Practice for the test by completing the anticipation guide for this unit. Earn e (More)
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