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Foundations of Art and Design Portfolio
Untitled Perspective - Coal For this project, we had a series of objects set up on a table in the middle of the room. From where we were sitting, we wer (More)
Campaign Poster Digital Portfolio Post
Now that you’ve created your campaign poster, take a few minutes to reflect on your finished product. You will be creating a post on your digital portfolio that includes a picture of your poster, as well as a reflection piece. Follow the directions b (More)
Campaign Posters
Now that you’ve researched the presidential candidates, it’s time to pick one to support! You will be creating a poster to promote the presidential candidate of your choice. These posters will be informative, attractive, and persuasive! The “be (More)
Notebook Check List
You should have the following notes/activities in your notebook for the notebook check. If you were absent, it is your responsibility to make these items up. The notebook check will be on Friday 10/21. If you have your notebook ready to be checked (More)
Comparing the Candidates
Comparing the Candidates Answer the following questions in your notebook. Be sure to label each section. Resources are listed at the bottom. While we are just going to be investigating the two major political parties’ candidates, know that ther (More)
Political Party Questions
Political Party Questions Use the book “Political Parties” on the Follett Shelf (access through Databases on Library website) to answer the following q (More)
Weekly Question 10/10/16
The second Presidential Debate took place last night. Millions of Americans tuned in to watch Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump answer questions posed by member of the public.   Watch the debate online: More)
Participation Activities & Bonus Point Opportunity
We Do Care Letter (1st Quarter) You have been invited to participate in the God and Country Letter writing program, which asks for you to write a letter to a member of our armed forces that will be sent to them. By writing a letter to our troops, yo (More)
Election Issues Analysis Part 2
We will be exploring some additional issues that are important to this year’s election cycle. Read through the articles on the following topics:   Topic: Syrian Refugees More)
The Issues: Education and Income Inequality
Directions: You will need to log in to Newsela (https://newsela.com/) to read the articles for this assignment. When you are prompted to log in, cli (More)
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