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UPDATED…College Application Procedures

on October 6, 2015

Hey guys (and gals):)  I am glad to see that some of you have taken the plunge with me and have entered schools into your Naviance account as “Colleges I’ve applied to”.  That is awesome!  Don’t forget, you need to request your transcripts two ways:  1)  in Naviance there is a place to request them, and 2)  in the counseling office you need to fill out a blue half sheet.  This will let me know that you are ready for me to send materials for you.  Also, please provide me with a resume or list of all the things that you do in and out of school.  I like to make my recommendation letters personalized as much as I can, so anything that you can tell me that I might not know about you would be appreciated.  You can just email me that information:)  If you have any questions, please stop down and ask!

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