Grand Canyon:


Nile Delta:


Finger Lakes:


Cape Hatteras:


Sahara Desert Sand Dunes:


Arches National Park:


Avalanche Pass:


Lunar Eclipse Extra Credit – 10 points possible -

Take a picture of the lunar eclipse on April 15th and write a paragraph on how lunar eclipses happen for extra credit due Monday, April 21st.

You may print the picture and turn in with your paragraph or put both items in a Google Doc.  Label the picture with the time that it was taken.  * Note – I will be able to tell if you just copy the picture off the internet ;)

Visualizing Topography Lab

Birthday Moons Link


Worksheet in case you need it:

Birthday Moons Activity

Major Moon Phases by Date:

Moon Phases 

Weather Project Information

Weather Project Sites

Weather Project Pacing Guide


Weather Project Website (Where you create your project)

This Project is DUE on Friday, March 21st at the start of the class period.

7th Grade Storms Lab

Instructions and links to be used for the Storms Lab on 3/5/14 can be found HERE.

Tour of the Universe Project Directions (Worksheet)

Tour of the Universe Project Pacing Guide

Tour of the Universe Project Rubric

Take the notes here

Air Masses and Fronts Activity Questions


Use the materials below to help you prepare for your Test over Chapters 1 & 3 on Wednesday, February 12th.

Topics:  Earth, Moon, Sun and Planets

Chapter 1 and 3 Study Guide

Helpful Websites:
Study Island: Astronomy Chapter 1 Review (Complete 10 questions from Earth, Moon, Sun) by Wednesday, 2/12


Gravity and Inertia Video

The Moon Video

Day/Night and Seasons Explained

Earth’s Seasons Video

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