8th Grade Waves Test Review

Here is an electronic copy of the Review Sheet Some other things that you might find helpful in preparing for the test: Notes: Electromagnetic Spectrum Notes Sounds Notes Wave Interactions Notes Waves Properties Notes Games: Jeopardy Review Game Waves Hangman Waves Matching Game Practice: Practice Test Study Guide

8th Grade – Electromagnetic Spectrum Webquest

Electromagnetic Spectrum Webquest:  Use the links below along with your notes to answer the following questions. On a separate sheet of paper: Use for questions #1 – 6:  http://imagine.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/science/know_l1/emspectrum.html 1) What is the electromagnetic spectrum? 2) What is radiation? 3) Describe each of the following: a) visible light b) microwaves c) gamma rays d) infared rays … Continue reading 8th Grade – Electromagnetic Spectrum Webquest

7th Grade: Symbiotic Relationships Lab

Worksheet:ES Symbiotic Relationships Activity Using this video and your notes, fill in the symbiotic relationships concept map. Symbiotic Relationships Video  Fill in the Chart using the following videos: Tiger Grouper and Cleaner Gobies Video (Video #1) Ticks and Moose Video (Video #2) Clown Fish and Anemone Video (Video #3) Acacia Tree and Ants Video (Video #4) Strangler Fig and … Continue reading 7th Grade: Symbiotic Relationships Lab