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US History Midterm
US History Mid-Term Exam (More)
My favorite topic this semester was westward expansion. It was my favorite because native american history is interesting to me. I could have got a better grade if I turned in all my work when it was due. Sand Creek Massacre stood out the most to me, (More)
History Reflective Essay
The main ideas or topics that we learned were the Battle Of Little Bighorn, the Government, how factories used to work, how children used to work in factories and their old ways of life. We learned about American Indians and immigrants adapting t (More)
History essay
The main things I remembered that  I learned was the battle of big horn and how the government works. My favorite topic that I learned was who George Armstrong Custer he lead 200 men to there deaths and he died at little big horn. If I took better no (More)
History midterm
Bill of rights essays
Investigate:   Reflect: (More)
TLC Remodel Project
I could have worked on analysis more instead of jumping right into synthesis. I feel that my presentation was decent, I could have worked more on organization and order of information, prioritizing the main parts first then leave the less importa (More)
Orientation Project Reflection
I think I got a 4 on Analysis and Synthesis. I think that I explained a good amount of the information but I could've been better. I think I got a 3 on my Products and presentations. I think I deserve this because I was mumbling, I wasn't lookin (More)
orientation presentation reflection
I think my group did a good job on the analysis/constructing an explanation. I thing we had a very clear explanation of what we were going to do and why. I think we could've done a little bit better though on our oral presentation and how we executed (More)
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