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TTL week 7 reflection
This week I took some more pictures and I quickly edited some to see which ones were good and I thought this one was the only one that was good. I thought I could have taken more pictures because when I was taking them I knew they weren't going to be (More)
TTL Week 3
This week I have been going over online looking for different ideas for what I am going to be doing and I found a few interesting things and I thought about doing what is below, which is a couple of photos blended into one picture. I am not sure I wi (More)
TTL Week 4 reflection
This week I was scrolling down on instagram and saw pictures of what I thought was just a really cool photo shopped image but I learned that it wasn't photo shopped, it was a crystal ball. I went on google images and started to look at more pictures, (More)
TTL Week 6 reflection
This week I was working on a picture I took last week to make it look better and I printed it. I am still working on the same type of picture, the crystal ball pictures, I don't know why I like taking these types of pictures because I just think they (More)
TTL Week 9 Reflection
This week I was working on 3 pictures and I printed one of them I chose to print the first one because I liked the lines. I thought that the 2nd picture was good but I didn't like the flare from the windows in the the background, if it weren't for (More)
Photomontage Video
Weekend-1-tx5dkn (More)
Portfolio Progress Report
I have been working on my photomontage video throughout this quarter. I just learned the basics of editing, so it has taken me (More)
Weekly Progress
This semester, I started working on video editing. The first few weeks of the semester, I started off by learning the basics of (More)
TTL Week 5 reflection
This week I edited pictures of budding plants, but then I saw something in a page I was following about a crystal ball and I had to try it so I ordered it on amazon and took pictures at the lake with it. When I saw these kinds of pictures I always th (More)
What I've been up to (2-24)
What I've been up to recently is that I've been (Still) editing videos in Final Cut Pro, to put on my Youtube Channel with 61 subs. But the one thing I've been pushing towards is experimenting as a filmmaker. I've done this through my videos with exp (More)
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