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Food Bank Reflection
In Ohio, food insecurity is happening before our eyes. We may not know it, but many people are facing hunger or are food insecure. At the food bank, I realized that many citizens that live in our area deal with food insecurity all the time. Not only (More)
My Journal In The Ancient World
Journaling the Ancient World (and even more oddities)
Hello! this was a interesting project. We explored multiple time periods to see what their cultural importance was. Here is the slideshow documenting our explorations of them. (More)
Journaling The Ancient World
Click Here to see my Journaling of the Ancient World (More)
Ancient citys
The new addition for my blogĀ Ancient Citys (More)
Journaling the Ancient World
Ancient Civilizations Trash Can
Trash Can Archeology
My Myth
One day, there was a boy named Xavier Werdum. Xavier was one of nicest people you could find in the town.. Xavier was a hero in the local cities because he could solve any the problems the town had. Until one day somebody else came into the picture, (More)
Writing My Own Myth
Do you believe in the impossible? Well do, because it is real, and any dream of yours can come true, mine did. My dream was to lift the city up from crime of Detroit and I have team to help me do this kind of thing. They are Payton on tech, Genesis o (More)
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