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Weekly Question
This is my weekly question for the first quarter. For many, soda is an “essential” part of everyday life. But with obesity rates rising, many are questioning the wisdom of consuming so many sugary calories. In an effort to discourage consumers (More)
Weekly Question Reflection
Sugary Soda Taxes Weekly Question 10/3/16 1.The opinion of the writer in article A is that they think that america has lots of sugary drinks and that is taking over other products like teen driving deaths and that we are too focused on sugary d (More)
Election Project
YouTube video The purpose of this project was to reflect what we learned about the election. I kinda feel like I achieved this purpose because I learned a little bit about each candidate. (More)
Campaign Poster
One thing I did well on this project was writing down information and decorate it well. I could have drew Hillary Clinton (More)
President Poster
This is my paragraph about my poster. I think I did good on it like my drawing and my color and work (More)
Epic Election Project Pixton comic : Book (More)
Weekly Question (More)
Election Project
The purpose of the project was most likely learn to form opinions and get the facts.  On my project I did well on the creativity. I could have been neater and had more detailed facts.  I can improve my organization of my work. (More)
Weekly question reflection (More)
Election Process http://trist (More)
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