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Food Bank Reflection
When I went to the food bank it was my first time. I learned some much about how many people are going through their without food.  I thought that the food bank was so fun and they do a lot to help the families in need. Their building was massive. It (More)
Food bank reflection
I have learned that a lot of the people in Cleveland do not have a lot of food and need the money to but the food that they eat and with the help of the food bank people that are poor can eat better.I love the thing that the people at the Cleveland f (More)
Food Bank
In class we learned about how food is becoming a huge problem in america. We learned that it's not just homeless people that don't have food. We talked about how people with jobs and family's and homes don't have food. The main thing is the people wh (More)
Food Bank Reflection
On Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 I went to The Cleveland Food Bank. At the food bank I learned that Cleveland has a lot of people who are food insecure. The country as a whole has a lot of people who are living at the state of poverty and are food insec (More)
Food Bank Trip Reflection.
Ok so on march 8th i went to the greater Cleveland food bank with a few of my fellow classmates, one of which was my best friend, me and my best friend along with some other people made sandwiches, we made over 600 sandwiches!!! I hope that those san (More)
Food Bank Reflection
In Ohio, food insecurity is happening before our eyes. We may not know it, but many people are facing hunger or are food insecure. At the food bank, I realized that many citizens that live in our area deal with food insecurity all the time. Not only (More)
Food Bank
I learned that there are lots of people in northeast Ohio that do not have food. I thought it was really cool that they have a whole factory of food for people that can't find food very easily. I think that l that work there get a good feeling when t (More)
My Trip To The Cleveland Food Bank.
Food insecurities is a big thing all throughout america and Northeast Ohio, and working at the Cleveland food bank  made me realize that anyone can have food insecurities such as your neighbor, your friend , or someone that you see walking down the s (More)
Cleveland Food Bank
What I have learned about food insicurity in my comunity and country is that it has changed over the years and that there are a lot of families right in my community who are in need of the food bank so that they can provide a good life for themselves (More)
Food Bank
I've learned about the Cleveland food bank is many people who are working there wanna help people that aren't able to get food or able to make food because they have no money or there not able to get some food. My impression of the Cleveland food ban (More)
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