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Fun Ancient Trash Can   (More)
Journaling The Ancient World
Percy's Home Town.
Bang there was a big lighting struck at the town of Fairview Park and house were destroyed and trees fell over. Then it was no ordinary lighting it was one made and forced to strike. But people left in enough time before the storm came in. So people (More)
My History Day Project
This is the link to my report! Here is a picture of me with (More)
Save The Narwhals!
Here is my Keynote Presentation on narwhals! Here is my presentation in PDF format This is m (More)
Emma, Georgia, and Bailey's Eastern Woodlands Minecraft World Here is a tour of our Eastern Woodlands village we built on Minecraft. We did this project in class because we were learning about Native Americans. If you don't know what Minecraft is, it is a sandbox game you can use f (More)
book movie comparison
click here (More)
Dr Seuss glog
Dr (More)
I hope you like my iMovie on Samuel de Champlain! My iMovie is about famous explorer, Samuel de Champlain. It is about his history and later life. Watch it to learn more! (More)
Thing Link Region Road Trip
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