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The Finest Hours!
Finest Hours Comic
The Finest Hours Comic Activity
Fast food is "Healthy"
Have you ever wondered about fast food and what it may do to you and the environment ?Eating fast food may cause global warming. One impact of fast food  is that forty percent of Earth’s land is used to hold farm animals. The human population uses (More)
City X Mission Project
  City X is a city that was made on another planet, and all of the people of the city have problems. The only things the (More)
Let the Games Begin!
You may wonder how I made the 3D design for the new sport on City X. City X is a new planet to the human race and we have to help them by inventing 3D obje (More)
Food Bank Reflection
On Wednesday, March 8th, 2017 I went to The Cleveland Food Bank. At the food bank I learned that Cleveland has a lot of people who are food insecure. The country as a whole has a lot of people who are living at the state of poverty and are food insec (More)
Food Bank Trip Reflection.
Ok so on march 8th i went to the greater Cleveland food bank with a few of my fellow classmates, one of which was my best friend, me and my best friend along with some other people made sandwiches, we made over 600 sandwiches!!! I hope that those san (More)
Life Saver
The Unknown City X
For a project that we did, we created a 3D printed object to help people that are living on City X. City X is place that is not (More)
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