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Fast Foods Aren't So Good All The Time
Did you know that fast foods could cause so many different things that hurt you and the environment? This article will help you know what really happens when you just eat a single burger. More)
Fast Food Fat Food
Did you know fast food causes heart problems. Fast food impacts your body and the environment in many ways. Fast food impacts the environment by taking away trees and animals and building restaurants.  It impacts health by causing obesity and heart p (More)
Is Fast Food Worth It?
Did you know that after consistently eating fast food meals, each time you’re raising your risk of stroke? That’s right the amount of sodium that is provided in the meals Eating too much fast food (which is high in saturated fat) makes your blood hig (More)
Fast Food or Bad food
Fast Food - Bad Food?  Is fast food bad food?  Many people think so.  The fast food business affects our lives in many ways.  It gives a lot of people jobs and it provides us with food when we don’t have time to make it.  But, it also affects us in b (More)
Will You Ever Eat Fast Food Again?
Have you ever thought what is in your food? This article is about how fast food impacts the Earth and your health. Some of the impacts of fast food is that it harms the animals and creates litter, and can increase our risk of heart disease, we should (More)
Coastal Barrier
There was a merger Tsunami that hit the coast of Japan. All the towns had 10 meter high sea walls the wave just went right over those small walls. But Fudai had a 15.5 meter sea wall the people did not like that. But when that Tsunami hit the wave wa (More)
Coastal Barrier Portfolio
A big tsunami wiped out most of Japan.  The only city that was still standing was Fudai. Fudai was still able to stand because Fudai knew that the water levels were getting higher so they built a higher wall.  My design challenge was to design a prot (More)
My Coastal Barrier
In 2011 there was a tsunami in Japan. The tsunami was about 10 meters high. All the city's were torn down except Fudai's because of there sea wall. The only reason why they had this sea wall was because of there mayor Wamura. He said well our wall wa (More)
Can We Save Fudai?
In science we had  to make a seawall that would survive save the town of Fudai from the big tsunami. Our design challenge was to design a  prototype of the coastal barrier device that will protect the shoreline from a tsunami. One part of the challen (More)
Save Fudai
On March 11, 2011 the island of Honshu was devastated by a massive tsunami. Yet, there was one town that survived the tsunami and that town was Fudai. See most people had a 10 meter tall sewall, But a wise man named Kotoko Wamura decided otherwise. H (More)
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