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Why Fast Food is Bad
Did you know fast food is bad for you? Well if you do you know why it is bad for you? Well I will tell you. Growing, making, and eating fast food is bad for your health and the Earth.  Fast food can increase your risk of health issues and releases (More)
Fast food is "Healthy"
Have you ever wondered about fast food and what it may do to you and the environment ?Eating fast food may cause global warming. One impact of fast food  is that forty percent of Earth’s land is used to hold farm animals. The human population uses (More)
Think Before You Eat It
Did you know that fast food is bad for the environment and your body? Fast food can be harmful to your body and the environment in many differ (More)
I won't eat that!
What is in fast food that is so unhealthy, and what can it cause? I created the most healthy meal I could from McDonald's. For my (More)
The truth about fast food
Did you know that the cows we use to make burgers and milk make a gas called green house gas. Greenhouse gases cause pollution. In this article you will learn how fast food damages the earth and our health. All the effects of consuming or making fast (More)
Fast Food Facts that you need to know about!!!
Over 121 million people, 51% of people get depression or have mental illness from eating fast food or junk related items.This article is about if you eat tons of junk food, you can get depression or some form of mental illness. This means over 121 mi (More)
Think before you eat it again
Did you know that your regular meal at McDonald or wendys is almost more than your daily. OK let's say you're hungry and it's  lunch you want all of it you want crispy chicken BLT,large natural cut fries, large strawberry lemonade, and a jr frosty va (More)
Is It Worth It.
Did you know fast food causes global warming and can actually harm people? This is about how fast food impact’s the world and people. Fast food is creating global warming, landfill, obesity and, heart disease. One thing fast food impacts is the earth (More)
The World Is At Danger
    The hamburger, so elegant and beautiful. But what you don’t know is how many calories it contains. Sure it might be healthy and all, but it can cause unspeakable things. Stay tuned to find out what it can cause. This article is about fast food o (More)
Are you making the right chooses when you go to Mcdonald's
Guess what that big mac that you eating may be killing you. This (More)
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