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My Class Solar system
we did a class project for the plant's of our solar system (More)
My planet website
Have fun at my website it's all bout the plant venus and there are some fun song to learn some fun fact's about the plant venus go check it out I had fun making it (More)
Photosynthesis Thinglink
Check it out check my thinklink about photosynthesis (More)
STEM Project #1
Your browser does not support the video tag This is kind of a late post, but this was our first STEM Project Timelapse! The challenge was to build the highest tower using only index cards and tape in only 20 minutes. Unfortunately, ours failed at th (More)
STEM Project #2
Your browser does not support the video tag More)
Photosynthesis Thinglink
This is my Thinglink about Photosynthesis and other parts of a plant. This is a Thinglink, which allows you to touch the picture for interactive elements. I created this project because we were learning about Life Science in class, which includes (More)
My Saturn project
click here to visit website (More)
Here's my weebly site on Saturn!
Click here to see my website! (More)
My Personal Constellation!
In my class, we made constellations with our names. Mine is a narwhal, as you can see. I named it Monodon Monoceros B because Monodon Monoceros is the scienti (More)
Embed practice
I hope you enjoy this video about the water cycle 🙂 (More)
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