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Photography Upload #3
Things That Make Noise Macro Kitchen Shadows More)
Photography Upload #2
Transportation Broken and Rusty

Photography Upload #1
Macro Toys [caption id="attachment_224" align="alignnone" width="300"] Water

Self Portrait
This is a self-portrait that I took of one of my classmates. (More)
Tech Team Reflection
While I was in the Innovation Center I mostly helped out whenever someone needed help. I learned a lot of new things about my blog by helping the other students that stay with us. At times, I also helped deliver computers to the students that needed (More)
TTL week 7 reflection
This week I took some more pictures and I quickly edited some to see which ones were good and I thought this one was the only one that was good. I thought I could have taken more pictures because when I was taking them I knew they weren't going to be (More)
TTL Week 3
This week I have been going over online looking for different ideas for what I am going to be doing and I found a few interesting things and I thought about doing what is below, which is a couple of photos blended into one picture. I am not sure I wi (More)
TTL Week 4 reflection
This week I was scrolling down on instagram and saw pictures of what I thought was just a really cool photo shopped image but I learned that it wasn't photo shopped, it was a crystal ball. I went on google images and started to look at more pictures, (More)
TTL Week 6 reflection
This week I was working on a picture I took last week to make it look better and I printed it. I am still working on the same type of picture, the crystal ball pictures, I don't know why I like taking these types of pictures because I just think they (More)
Intermediate Sculpture & Expanded Media Weekly Journal/Reflection
Week of February 13th-17th During this week of Expanded Media, I built onto my clay house more and made it look more like a old Pueblo house that Native Americans lived in. I added more windows and a front door. I am currently creating the overhan (More)
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