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Book Talk Project
A book I’ve fully read was called Binge by Tyler Oakley and this book is an autobiography. The main character is the author its (More)
Sudan Research Project
Wonder Alphabet
(The letters I didn’t do are G and Y) A: August. I chose August because mostly throughout the book it is about him and most of his life. B Bear. I chose Bear because that was the name of the Pullman’s new dog. C: Christopher: I chose Christo (More)
Poetry Anthology
Anthology of Poems Chloe Tahsin 11/1/16 7ᐤ Table of Contents Collective Poems I Once Caught the Ball..........................................#1 Southern Sunrise..................................................#5 Dog........... (More)
The Wednesday Wars- Final Project
In The Wednesday Wars, Individualism occurs a lot. In this end-of-book project, students had to create a presentation and list reasons, including two historical events, on why and how the chosen character shows individualism. For my project, I (More)
Wednesday Wars: Mai Thi's Individualism Adventure
In the book The Wednesday Wars by Gary Schmidt, we meet the outcasted character from Vietnam who starts out quiet and becomes an individual. I choose her because she really showed individualism throughout the book and I wanted to point that out. My c (More)
Fast Food Infographic
My infographic is about the humble fast-food french fry. I went deep in research, mainly using the book titled "Chew On This" By Eric Schlosser, database articles, and websites. I think picktochart is a really fun tool to use creating infographic, (More)
Fast Facts
I learned how they make the meat in McDonalds and other fastfoods. I liked this project because I got to learn the dirty facts. This was also really fun when we got to go in our groups, I really like group projects. (More)
Working Conditions
When I created this project we uses the site piktochart. I thought piktochart was easy and fun to use. Some of the resources I uses where The book that we are reading in class Chew On This. I think it is a great book and it give lots of information a (More)
Is Bigger always Better?
In class we read some chapters from a book called Chew On This by Eric Schlosser and Charles Wilson. A couple weeks later my Reading teacher gave us a project. We got a topic and researched that topic. With that research we had to make an info gr (More)
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